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What does Brand Identity mean? 

The identity of a brand is how it is perceived or recognised by the customer. The overall appearance and how this takes into account what the business is or does and the audience it is trying to target. Brand identity includes the logo, colour scheme, graphic elements and representation of these graphic elements across all of the companies range. Some companies are instantly recognisable from a distance and others by only partially seeing the product or logo. 

What is a logo?

A logo may consist of type only or include a graphic element, symbol or image. A logo is only part of your companies brand identity. Each of these elements is key to how your brand is distinguished from another. A logo is often used on a business card, social media profile image and even as a watermark on product photography. 

How do I get recognised?

Consistent use of the brand across all aspects of your business, will help to encourage the target audience to remember your business. You should take into consideration how your brand is to be advertised; through social media, on company vehicles, business stationery, leaflets, billboards and packaging including parcel and envelopes. Does your brand stand out from the crowd, can a customer easily recognise your logo and associate it to your company.

What colour to choose?

Choosing the appropriate colour for your company is key, it could be the difference between a customer being able to identify your business from a competitor or mistaking you for your competitor. Colours have different meanings or perceptions, think about your brand and what message you want it to send. It may not always be as simple as just picking a colour, you may need to consider the type of business that you are in and colours that may suit this better, or choosing a colour that represents the products you sell for example you may notice that companies who are selling recycled items most often opt for a green or grey shade for reliability and calming influences these colours portray. However picking a colour is not a one size fits all task, some companies take inspiration from colour board combinations, or from the environment a place they have visited. 

How can you help me?

Once we have fully discussed what it is you require from your brand, we can look at designing a logo and then a matching range of items such as; business cards, compliment slips and letterheads, a brochure or leaflet, vouchers, loyalty cards, stickers, magnets and vehicle livery. If you have something else in mind for your business please get in contact via email.

Common colour meanings

White: ​​​​​​Light, Purity, Cleanliness, Calm, Elegant, Pure, Quiet, Neutral, Luxury, Stylish

Black: Mystery, Elegance, Dignity, Sophistication, Solitude, Edgy, Unconventional 

Grey: Balance, Reliability, Classic, Conservative, Formal, Professionalism, Wisdom

Red: Passion, Energy, Heat, Danger, Love, Empowerment, Anger

Yellow: Intellect, Optimism, Joy, Jealousy, Caution, Hope, Happiness, Antique

Blue: Knowledge, Cool, Apathy, Corporate, Peace, Strength, Responsibility, Energy

Orange: Warmth, Loud, Creative, Vibrant, Sociability, Bright, Positive, Stimulant, Fun

Green: Greed, Fertile, Relaxing, Earthy, Calm, Balance, Friendly, Stability, Envy

Purple: Creativity, Wisdom, Luxury, Mystery, Imagination, Wealth, Romantic, Madness


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