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Save the Dates | When to send them | Do you send to evening guests too?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

I often get asked "do I need to send save the dates" or "when do I need to send them out by" and "do I just send them to day guests or evening too". So I thought I would write a little blog post in order to help answer these questions.

Here are the things you need to consider before sending out your save the dates.

When is your wedding date?

Does it fall on any other the following, a time where there is a high likelihood that many of your guests could be away. This way they won't have an excuse to say there wasn't enough notice.

- Public holiday

- Bank holiday

- School Holiday

- Weekday

Does your wedding require any travel arrangements?

Will your guests need to make reservations and book transport in order to attend your wedding. For some families being able to book in advance and save up or pay off in instalments is very helpful.

- Plane

- Boat

- Ferry

If the answer is yes to these questions it's a great idea to send out save the dates. But there are also many other reasons you might like to send them out.

You may want to show off an engagement photo and let your guests get to know you a bit more than they already do. Candid photos always go down well, funny faces or poses, or within a stunning setting that is very apt for you as a couple.

Save the dates are the first glimpse your guests will get to see of your big day so why not show off your wedding colours or your wedding theme. Create a buzz around your theme and continue this through the rest of your stationery.

If you are having a child free wedding day, this is a great opportunity to give your families time to organise childcare.

Do I send to daytime guests only or evening too?

Send them out to daytime and evening guests, this will ensure you have plenty of guests at your wedding and allow you the flexibility of inviting some from your evening list as daytime guests if others cannot attend. Or if you prefer you can send out save the dates and then send out save the evening.

So when is the ideal time to send out save the dates?

Well the easy answer is anywhere between 9-12 months ahead of your big day. This gives your guests time to book in annual leave (especially those who shift work), arrange travel / accommodation or childcare and time to save up for a nice new outfit and wedding gift.

What information should I include ?

Your names - If within your circle of friends and family you are known by just your first names or even nicknames, it's a nice personal touch to use these. Otherwise use both your first and surname.

The date - this can be written in full or can be written in numeric form.

Venue - this is helpful for planning how to get there.

Destination - This allows your guests book flights, book a hotel and hire a car etc.

Using coloured envelopes can intrigue your guests from the moment it hits the doormat, from bright and bold colours to pastel or even metallic.

Having a guest list typed up can be really useful to know who you have already sent your save the dates too, so you can be sure to send them the invitation. Using an excel spreadsheet is a handy tool or even in a word document. I must say though I do love a list. Once you have sent you save the dates, your invitations can then be sent around the 4-6 month mark.

If you have any other questions please contact me via the contact page or if you would like to enquire about creating your own save the date designs. Or if you are now ready to order your save the dates click here and follow the link.

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