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What do I really need on my Invites?

And how do I collect my RSVP's?

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Organising your invites should not be.

It's your first time thinking about what should go on invites so you're not expected to know it all.

Here is my handy guide for what to include.

The Essentials

- Names

- Date

- Venue

- Time

The Details

- Menu

- Accommodation

- Transport

- Taxis

- Dress Code

- Gifts

- Weekend Plans

- Cash/Card only bar


- Attendance

- Meal choices

- Dietary requirements

- Rooms to stay in

- Seats on the bus

- Song Suggestions

The Extras

- Order of the Day

- No children

- Unplugged ceremony

- Map

- Directions

- Saying / quote / poem / lyrics

You can add as much or as little detail as you want, the goal is to give your guests what they need so that they don't need to keep nipping your head, wedding websites are useful to store more information if you would like a simpler design

Remember you're brand new to all this so ask your suppliers for advice or recommendations

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