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When it comes to adding details to your wedding invitations it can be a minefield; what information do we need? how much? how little? how much can we fit on? do you need a separate information sheet ?


Whether you are choosing something traditional or modern or a little bit of fun, all the answers you need to plan your stationery are explained below. If you are requiring a poem or wedding website please click on the links below. If you still have any other questions please contact me :)


Names - Traditionally these are the full names of the couple with the males name coming first. On modern invitations it can be whichever order you like, and I have even completed orders with nicknames, as that is how everyone knows the couple.


Wording  - Tradition follows that the brides parents pay for the wedding and therefore they are the ones that invite the guests,  however on more modern invitations you can invite your guests with your family or just as yourselves. You can add a line at the bottom of the day guests cards to say something along the lines of "reception to follow" or something more fun like "drinks, dancing and laughter to follow". 

Venue - Whether you are having a church wedding followed by a reception or choosing a location to have it all in one place; it is a wise idea to add the full address to the invitation so that guests have the opportunity to use a map or sat nav to get to the venue. 

Date - You could have the date written in full including the time, abbreviated month and day or written as just numbers, usually this is chosen to suit the design of your stationery. 

Time - It is certainly advisable to put a ceremony time to ensure your guests arrive on time, more modern invitations are now also including an arrival time and ceremony time. This can be be written out in full or as a 12 or 24 hours clock. 

RSVP - It is a must to have a means for your guests to be able to contact you to let you know their response. But there are so many options to do this, typically a RSVP card is returned to the couple selecting their response to accept or decline the invitation. The main details you need to know if their names. But you can also include other things such as menu choices if your caterer needs this information ahead of the day. If you are offering return transport, how many seats they will require. Do they have any dietary requirements your caterer needs to be made aware of. If you are having a DJ or band that can take requests a song choice they would like to suggest. A must is a date to reply by, I would suggest at least two months in advance to give yourself enough time to chase stragglers and consider other guests for day guests if others have declined. For evening guests I would suggest around 4 weeks notice ahead of the day. This is also where you can get creative, and have quirky responses or add sentences such as "if you do not RSVP by the reply date, please ensure you bring a chair and your own sandwiches on the day". A more modern and common approach now, is to add an email address (whether existing or created just for the wedding) telephone or mobile number or even to set up a wedding website which can capture all the data for the responses. Check out this link for options of setting up your own wedding website

Menu - Some caterers require that you have the choices back ahead of schedule so that they can order in the correct amount. This information can be added onto the invitations; for this I would suggest either a double sided postcard, folded card or by adding an additional information card. 

Transport/Map - If you're having two venues or have a location that is a little difficult to find it may be worth letting your guests know of local transport links such as bus, rail, or taxis. If it is secluded have a ma designed to show the route so it is easier to find. This information can be added as a separate card or onto the reverse or within a folded card. 

Information/Accommodation - Some venues offer the couples a discount for their guests to stay in the rooms they have available and early booking will allow a discount. This can be very helpful to your guests coming from further a field. Add this discount code or the names they need to quote onto the information card or within a folded card invitation. 

Gifts - Traditionally a wedding gift list if chosen and the couple select items with a registry such as John Lewis or Debenhams for their guests to purchase from. However a lot of couples are already living together these days and so a gift of cash or vouchers towards a honeymoon, renovations, mortgage or a family holiday is more practical. It can be hard to ask for these types of gifts and so many couples use a poem to add onto their invitations to ask in a more friendly manner. Couples who do this would perhaps then have a postbox at the wedding for guests to pop their cards into. Use this link to search for a few poems or pop a search into a search engine. 

Order of the Day - I really quite like adding these to invitations along with icon symbols, to show your guests where they need to be at what times. I have had feedback from previous customers that this has helped with those sneaking off to check on sports results or those with children and can allow them to play and run around until the times that they need to be sitting down. 


All invitations can be designed to your tastes, requirements, interests, colours schemes, venue, themes and more. If you would like to see more examples of real weddings or ready made designs click on the links. Otherwise take a look at the price list and see the options you would like to order and remember it can all be designed to match together to create a seamless look for your big day.

Happy planning

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