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1. Payment and Booking Fee


1.1 A full payment is required via cleared funds (see 3.3) before any design work commences. Or a booking fee can be paid (see 1.4).


1.2 If an order is cancelled before any design work has commenced a full refund of the original amount will be given. If an order is cancelled during the design process the cost for design will not be returned, but in turn kept by Flutterbeeze to cover the costs involved in time and research. If an order is cancelled after the final approval has been given, a refund is not available.


1.3 Personalised and Bespoke orders are non-refundable and exchanges cannot be made. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

1.4 For Wedding Invitation orders a booking fee can be paid in advance of the full order (see 3.3) this amount is then taken off the balance of the order and the remaining amount can either be paid in instalments (with prior agreement from Flutterbeeze) or in full before the printing and finishing of the invitations will take place. 

1.5 For all stationery orders, the booking fee is £50.00. Payable by either PayPal or BACS.


2. Postage and Packaging


2.1 Special next day and Standard delivery is to one UK mainland address only. PO Boxes and Mailboxes are not accepted. Prices will be given upon quotation and are in line with The current Post Office rates, unless a courier is selected, again price will be given at quotation stage.


2.2 If you have opted for recorded or special delivery, you must check your order in full before signing to receive the goods.


2.3 Unless otherwise stated all items will be posted to the address attached to your PayPal account. No refunds or remakes will be given to orders sent to any PayPal listed address without mention of a current or correct address.


2.4 Force Majeure; Flutterbeeze will not be held liable for situations beyond control if such failure is an Act of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service.



3. Fee's


3.1 Prices given at point of quote are correct at that time and may be subject to change without notification. Prices include 20% VAT, subject to change without notice.


3.2 Price listed on quote will remain accurate for 30 days, thereafter a new quote should be sought after as Flutterbeeze reserves the right to raise prices without notice.


3.3 Fee's must be paid in full by PayPal in the first instance or Bank Transfer (BACS) details available on request. Fee's are non-returnable. For payment by PayPal an invoice will be sent by through your PayPal email for payment, for payment by BACS a PDF invoice will be emailed containing the bank details. 


3.4 If only design work is required and the final artwork to be supplied, this will be sent via email after cleared funds have been received (see 3.3), or for an additional £20.00 final artwork will be supplied in required format on disk and posted via Standard delivery to one UK address (see 2.3).


3.5 Payment can be made using PayPal even without an account follow the link to find out more:



4. Quotation and Offers


4.1 Consultation regarding your specific requirements will be done via Facebook message, telephone,email or if you are in the Fife or local area (with prior arrangement made) in person. Discussing your exact requirements, including concept ideas, products desired and any specific deadlines.


4.2 You will then be sent a PayPal invoice via email. OR supplied a PDF invoice (see 3.3)


4.3 Once payment is made, Flutterbeeze will work on sketches before working on the computer to produce proofs. You will be kept up to date with progress. Proofs will be emailed to one email address usually within 72 hours of payment made. 


4.4 From time to time Flutterbeeze will have various offers available, this will be clearly stated when they expire and will not be available after this date. This does not affect your statutory rights.



5. Proofs


5.1 At the final stage of design, proofs will be emailed as either a low-resolution jpeg or locked PDF and watermarked with the Flutterbeeze logo (see 5.8).


5.2 You will be supplied between 2-5 initial ideas to choose from, once you have decided on your favourite a further 2 revision stages will apply.


5.3 Any further amendments after this stage will be charged at the hourly rate of £20 per hour (any time under 1 hour is charged at the full hour rate, thereafter hours plus half hours are charged at additional £15).


5.4 It is the responsibility of the client to check that all spellings and information is 100% accurate before sending to Flutterbeeze and once again before final sign off has been given. No responsibility or compensation will be taken or given by Flutterbeeze after it has been printed and delivered.


5.5 Once final sign off has been given (via email stating 'please proceed', Flutterbeeze will not be held responsible for delays) your items will take up to 7-14 working days for delivery to one UK address (see 2.1). Delays will be incurred if the client takes more than a few days to approve an emailed proof.


5.6 When proof checking, it is your responsibility to spot and request changes for any mistakes or omissions, any found after the proofing stage, will not be refunded. All amendments/omissions should be clearly detailed in an email.


5.7 Flutterbeeze will not chase up a client regards to proofing, if a deadline is in place it is the clients responsibility to keep up to date and reply to proof emails quickly.


5.8 PDF proofs may sometimes have white lines displayed, these are known as screen artifacts, and they are only a pixel wide no matter how much you zoom in. It is the way a screen is trying to read how an image is put together and will not appear on final print.

5.9 The Flutterbeeze watermark will not appear on final prints. All concepts and designs remain the property of Flutterbeeze (see 7.7).



6. Supplied files


6.1 Any supplied files should be proof read and spell checked before being submitted by email. Any upper or lower case should be correct, as any text will be 'cut + paste' into the design. This must be sent in written text either via email or documents such as word. Flutterbeeze takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Supplied files should be sent in advance of the design stage to


6.2 Any images supplied must be sent in either PDF or high-resolution jpeg (300dpi). If images are not supplied in high quality format they may appear pixelated or distort on printed product, Flutterbeeze accepts no responsibility for this. Large images or multiple images can be sent via dropbox to (see 8.2)


6.3 Facebook and Instagram have particular settings for image formats and sizes, files supplied by Flutterbeeze will be designed to match that specification, any changes made by the client after receipt can distort the image and Flutterbeeze accepts no responsibility for this.



7. Advertising and Copyright


7.1 Flutterbeeze reserves the right to use any designs created, in the future promotion of Flutterbeeze products and services without prior notice. You must express in the first instance to Flutterbeeze if you feel otherwise. When advertising or displaying items such as wedding invitations, Flutterbeeze will amend things such as dates or names using software such as Photoshop to protect your identity whilst also showing the wonderful design that you have had created. 

7.2 If you are happy with your product Flutterbeeze would appreciate a review on Facebook or a testimonial to be used in any future promotion of Flutterbeeze products and services. Facebook will show your full name as you have created on your personal account. Flutterbeeze page on Facebook is a public page and therefore anyone has access to see this review. Reviews given for use on the website will only include your first name and area; Such as Amy from Taunton, along with the testimonial that you have left for Flutterbeeze.  (see 10.1)

7.3 Designs and photographs displayed on any publication of Flutterbeeze (online or print) are the Copyright of Flutterbeeze. Images may not be reproduced without the express prior permission of Flutterbeeze.


7.4 It is your responsibility to obtain permission for the use of any designs, images, readings, poetry or lyrics required in your design, evidence must be provided to Flutterbeeze prior to work being carried out.


7.5 Any supplied designs such as (but not limited to) a logo MUST NOT be altered in ANY way. If you wish for the design to be amended you should request and purchase a design only package. 


7.6 All files and designs created by Flutterbeeze remain the intellectual property of Flutterbeeze and therefore will not be supplied. Files can be purchased separately for a fee and must ALWAYS be credited back to Flutterbeeze. Quotes available upon request.


7.7 All the designs remain the intellectual property of Flutterbeeze and cannot be reproduced or copied or used anywhere at anytime. This includes designs discussed in person either at one to one meetings or at Wedding fairs. 

7.8 Any digital files purchased from Flutterbeeze / Digibeeze may be used to resell under the contractual agreement on purchasing the file with either the limited versions allowed or unlimited. In all instances the design credit should be given back to Flutterbeeze and not credited to yourself. 

8. Colour and Product Guidelines


8.1 If items are ordered together colour variations may be slight due to small print runs, however if items are ordered separately, there may be more noticeable colour variations, Flutterbeeze cannot be held responsible as printing is outsourced to 3rd parties.


8.2 Colour variation on your final product is circumstantial to that displayed on your computer screen, colours displayed on screen are a representation only, due to differences in your personal monitor settings.


8.3 The Wedding Stationery timeline is for guidance purposes only Flutterbeeze does not warrant its completeness or accuracy.


8.4 Papercut designs may slightly vary to that from supplied proof due to the nature of the craft. Paper colouration may vary and differ between individual sheets. Papercuts of the same design may differ in final product again due to craft and materials and tools used a consistent and exact replica is not possible. Paper is a fibrous material and can leave some edges with a slight fray, all attempts are made to remove as much as possible however there may be times when this is not always possible. 


8.5 Light Blocks are fragile and made of glass, please handle using two hands or in an appropriate manner for a heavy item. Keep out of reach of children. They should not be left where extreme weather conditions vary. The lights are battery operated using AA batteries. Please safely dispose of batteries in accordance with your local council drop off points. If left in sunlight vinyl/ribbon may fade. Please do not leave unattended when in use. Please do not leave or place next to lit candles or open fires. Use a dry microfibre cloth to clean by dusting lightly.

9. Cake Toppers


9.1 Flutterbeeze will send proofs to you regarding your personalised cake topper. A cake topper will only be produced once you have approved the proof. Refunds are not available on personalised items. 

9.2 Cake toppers are made from Acrylic Perspex which has a life span of 10 years with correct usage. Cake toppers are suitable for outside use. Long use in bright sunlight can cause some fading. 

9.3 Cake topper prongs are delicate and thin to cause as little damage to the cake as possible but are integral to keeping your cake topper upright. Forceful use may cause prongs to break. It is your or the cake makers responsibility to ensure correctly placing the topper on in a firm but not forceful manner. 

9.4 Cake toppers can be washed in warm soapy water to clean off cake residue. They cannot be placed into the dishwasher. 

9.5 Mirror effect cake toppers may gather dust or finger prints, use a microfibre cloth with a little window cleaner to keep smear free. 

10. Privacy Policy, Data Protection, Website use and GDPR Complaint


10.1 Processing personal data fairly and lawfully.  Flutterbeeze respects your privacy.  The personal information you share is safe and will only be passed on to third parties with your consent.  Your personal data is used only to confirm contractual agreement and this can include your name, address, telephone number and email address.  Generally, data can be collected from outlets such as the website, Facebook, Etsy, wedding fayres and/or events and any other sales platforms where sales can be made. Flutterbeeze uses processors who are GDPR compliant. These are as follows. FacebookInstagramRoyal MailUKMailEtsy, Wix, Stripe online website payments, PayPal and PayPal card reader. If you click on each of the heading this will take you to more information on each channel. 

10.1a For wedding orders, in addition to your personal details, more details may be required.  This can include the date of your wedding and venue location(s).  Your data will be collected fairly and lawfully in accordance with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

10.1b Soft copies, known as “electronic data” is stored on a sole dedicated computer that is not connected to any exchange servers or networks nor shared with anyone else.  The internet connection is via a password and is frequently changed.

10.1c Hard copies, or paperwork as we know is, is generated using the dedicated computer and only printed when necessary, such as financial transaction.  Paper copies are stored in a lockable storage unit with only myself having a key.

10.2  Data collected shall only be used for the purposes intended, to prepare contracts.  Should a new intention purpose arise, you will be contacted and asked for permission to use the data for the new intention.  If you decline permission, then the data will not be used for that new intention.  Flutterbeeze generally do not email you with newsletters or emails of products.  All or some products available can be and are not limited to being advertised on Facebook, Etsy, Instagram and any other outlets deemed fit.  A potential customer will make contact with Flutterbeeze in the first instance.

10.2 a If products are to be sent via the postal system, an address shall be required, for where the parcel is to be delivered.  For security, if the Post Office of courier asks, the item contained will be declared.  This will be verbal only and should have zero impact on the data retained.  A receipt for the sending of the parcel retained, should it become lost in the post.

10.3  Data collected shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive.  This means that I won’t ask you for other personal data such as ethnic origin or religious beliefs, as it bears no relevance nor contractual obligation. 

Cookies may be collected on your computer but it is your choice to enable or disable these.  I do not use cookies to collect data nor do I need them. Some computers may require the use of cookies, which store your information to use again the next time you visit a website. If you would like to turn off cookies or learn more about cookies you can click here. Some websites may not function correctly without cookies, however a notification will be supplied if this is the case. 

10.3a Payments can be made for purchases by card payment method (Stripe).  This is an electronic transaction device where the card is inserted in to the card machine in order to make payment.  It is with the customer’s consent and presence.  A receipt will be offered with every transaction, sent via email or mobile phone number, at the customer’s preference.  These can be one off payments with only an email address or mobile number required.  Flutterbeeze does not store your information via the electronic card manufacturer nor Stripe as there is no need to retain it.  Stripe has its own privacy policy and terms and conditions.


10.3b PayPal online transactions can also be an alternative method of payment.  This will involve the customer providing their name and email address and making a payment via PayPal.  Flutterbeeze takes no responsibility for your own security during transactions.  PayPal has its own privacy policy and terms and conditions of use.


10.3c Cash transactions are offered and a paper receipt will be issued to the customer.  Only a name is required for this and a note of the product and cost of sale will be made.  This will be used for financial recording only.  Should you wish for more information to be sent to you, this can be arranged by request (ie further information of other products)


10.3d Bank transfers are possible, where customers can make payment from their personal bank account to Flutterbeeze.  Flutterbeeze will only see the name, value and any reference of the transaction (if they choose) when payment shows on Flutterbeeze bank account.  Flutterbeeze take no responsibility for your own security, malfunctions, nor erroneously paying in the wrong account number.


10.3e Wedding fayres or craft shows can attract a mixture of these payment transactions.  Flutterbeeze shall discuss options with customers if they require further information to be sent out.  It is the onus of the potential customer to communicate with Flutterbeeze should they wish to progress with a purchase as Flutterbeeze will not make “cold calls” or pressure the customer in to making a purchase. 


10.3f HMRC requires all companies to retain financial transactions such as a sales spreadsheet, VAT values and bank statements for 6 years.  This is a statutory requirement and cannot be changed by Flutterbeeze.  All financial records shall be retained and upon the 6 year anniversary; electronic data shall be deleted and hard copies shall be shredded. 

10.4 Keeping up to date.  Should any of your contract details change between initial placement of contract and before contract is honoured, please contact Flutterbeeze to update these.  My contact details are on the website.  


10.5 Data should not be kept longer than necessary.  Data is kept only for the duration required.  Contract details are kept for 6 years, from date of contract, for HMRC reporting and tax purposes.  At the 6 year anniversary, hard copies (ie paperwork) will be removed from the storage location and shredded.  All soft copies (ie electronic), such as spreadsheet entries and PDFs of invoices, receipts etc, shall be permanently deleted. 

10.6 Keeping your data secure.  As described in 10.1, hard copies and soft copies of personal data shall be securely held for their intended purpose.  Should a security breach occur which involves your data, you will be contacted informing you of a potential breach.  I will inform the Information Commissioner’s Office (the regulatory public body overseeing the implementation and governance of GDPR) and conduct an investigation.  The findings of a data breach shall be communicated with you to confirm if there has been a security breach and what actions I will need to take.  Similarly, if/when the ICO appoint a case worker, I shall work with the ICO to establish the facts and prevent recurrence.


10.7 Should you wish to know what personal data I hold of yours, please make a written request.  This can be via email or letter preferably (although not mandatory) with a reference:  Subject Access Request (SAR).  Once I have received the request, I shall acknowledge receipt of your request.  I will also give you an estimated date of when I expect to feed this information back to you, but by the latest, it will be within one calendar month at the maximum. More information about GDPR can be found here.

10.7a I shall give you all the details I hold on record and communicate this back to you in writing.  Once you have received this, you have a few options.  You can accept it and choose to acknowledge it.  You can accept it and not acknowledge it.  You can accept it and ask to make an amendment to it, via another written communication (email or letter).  You can choose to delete the information, if it is held for greater than the maximum 6 year maximum period.   This service is free of charge in accordance with GDPR.


10.8 By ordering any of the goods or services listed on this website you will be legally bound by these terms and conditions. You will be unable to proceed with your purchase if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. So please read carefully and print a copy for future reference.


10.9 Flutterbeeze reserves the right to revise and amend any part of the website, disclaimers and conditions at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to check regularly to determine whether changes have been made.


10.10 If you have a comment, complaint or concern about any goods you have received you should please contact in the first instance by email If you wish to write a letter please send this to 19 Dura Crescent, Glenrothes, Fife, KY7 5DA. Or by telephone 07736298793.



© Copyright Kirsty Collier Flutterbeeze 2012-2023

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