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RSVP | What to ask ?

When including an RSVP card in your invitation, it's important to collect all the information that you need in one take, to make your day runs amazingly. So how do you go about getting all the right information.

First and foremost you need to know your guests names, especially if the invite has been sent to a couple or a family and whether they are able to attend your special day. This is where you can have a little fun and get creative with your wording. You could even include a line at the bottom of the RSVP, "if you do no RSVP but turn up anyway, bring along a chair and a sandwich".

Free booze I'm in _____

I have a great excuse _____

Certainly Darling _____

Sorry Darling _____

Accept with pleasure _____

Decline with regret _____

Wouldn't miss it for the world _____

Sending our apologies _____

Looking forward to it _____

Sad to miss it _____

Try and stop me _____

Don't miss me too much _____

Kindly Accept _____

Politely Decline _____

Other considerations to take into account is your menu. Does your venue/caterers need only to know final numbers or your guests meal choices also. This can be done in a number of different ways; a tick box alongside each option, a line to initial choices on, icons to be circled or a few lines to be written on. This is down to your personal preference on how you would like it displayed on the RSVP cards. You should also include a line for any dietary requirements, for those guests who have allergies or particular preferences.

Some venues will allow each individual guest a drink of choice for toasting the speeches or will request to know if a preference of red or white table wine is required. Add a line to your RSVP to gather this choice.

If you are putting on a bus to take guests to and from the venue or between your church and the reception, your bus company will require how many seats are needed so that they can reserve the right size bus for your date. You can either add the full details on the RSVP or just which journey they require seats for and include the pick up and drop points and times on your wedding invitation.

Do you have a band or DJ that can take song requests? Why not ask your guests for a song suggestion, or a song that will guarantee they get up and fill the dance floor. This will allow your band to practice these songs if they are not on their normal set list and allow your DJ to get the tracks ready to play or organise which tracks they will play and what times during the night.

If your venue can offer discounted rates on the rooms or accommodation that they have available you will need to know how many of your guests are wanting this option, before the rooms are let to public use. Include the discount rate and how many rooms are available on your invitation to give your guests best chance of getting one booked in time.

Alternatively to having a separate RSVP card that gets returned in an envelope, why not opt for a tear off postcard that already has your address printed on it. All your guests need to do is fill out the options, add a stamp and pop it in the postbox.

When choosing a date to set your replies for, there are a couple of considerations to take onboard. When does your venue/caterers need final figures/requirements by? This is usually 4 weeks ahead of your date, some may have a shorter time frame. Secondly, do you have people on the evening guest list that you would ideally like as day guests? By setting your day invites date earlier than the evening invites, those who are unable to attend all day could then be invited to the evening and evening guests to all day. You could allow a two week difference for this or more if your wedding falls on a holiday.

Top Tip: People will assume you know they are coming (usually family) so allow yourself plenty of time to chase people up and get their replies in.

Alternatively if you did not want a separate RSVP card because you are using a wedding website or would prefer to get replies by text or email, this can be added as part of the design on the invitations. On my price list each style is broken down to include with and without RSVP options.

If you need any additional help regards to your RSVP cards or would like to discuss a bespoke design please contact me. For lots of other helpful information please take a look at the blog. Or the shop to purchase any of the invitation designs.

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