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37 Unusual Wedding Table Name Ideas.

What do I name the tables at my wedding? This is a question that I hear so many times and how hard it is to think of something other than just numbers, fear not this blog post is for you.

Firstly take a moment to remember that your wedding is all about you, a union to join two souls together in a celebration that reflects their interests and personalities.

Now that you have done that, what is it you would like to reflect about yourselves as the table names and in your decor. Do you want to have names or things that encourage your table guests to talk, a little trip down memory lane or let your guests see inside your creative mind.

So here are a few suggestions to get you started, it is by no means an exhaustive list. Hopefully it helps to ignite a little spark for you.

1- Books and Authors, that you have read or would like to read, or a series of titles.

2- Places you have visited together or plan to travel to, or family and friends hometowns.

3- Puddings that are your favourite to devour.

4- Sports clubs, stadiums and players.

5- Movies titles, directors and actors.

6- TV Series and their memorable moments and catch phrases.

7- Bands, concerts and gigs, song titles or lyrics.

8- Ceilidh song names (this is a fun one, then you can ask each table to get up and dance to that song)

9- 12 days of Christmas and all the Christmas goodies.

10- Dogs, breeds of dogs or names of family pets. Not a dog person, choose another animal.

11- Brands, this is quite a broad one, could be clothing or vehicles or make up or jewellery.

12- Ages, so this is a great one, the tables are the ages and then you can add your baby photos.

13- Star signs and constellations, perhaps even their subsequent traits.

14- Comic books, hero's, and cartoon characters

15- Food & drinks, pick one and use all different kinds, or pick them all. e.g all different types of cheese.

16- Disney, so many different ways to use this one.

17- Festivals, festival stages, with this idea you could create ticket stub place names.

18- Flowers , trees and plants, this is a great one to tie into the table decor also.

19- Board games and characters from board games.

20- 'Dad jokes' - this will certainly get your tables laughing.

21- Artists and paintings. Era's or styles of art.

22- Periodic table, everyday is a school day right.

23- Dates, significant dates throughout your relationship.

24- Local dialect and slang words, this is a fun one to educate on those odd sayings and their origins.

25- Villains & Monsters, this one is great as they are often left out.

26- Colours, get fancy with yourself and use those exotic colour names.

27- Sweets, chocolate and snacks. Long lost favourites.

28- Love, the word in different languages.

30- Yoga positions, gym equipment or dance moves.

31- Historical figures, periods in history, Aztec, Edwardian, etc.

32- Transport, modes of and stations.

33- Places or street names you have lived on/at.

34- Hobbies & interests. Do you love macrame or playing puzzles, collecting stamps or plane spotting.

35- Computer Games, different levels, characters and special modes.

36- Surname, play on your surname and different expressions or places to use it.

37 - Anecdotes, share memorable moments from family history.

Ultimately there are many different ways in which to name your tables. Although there is nothing wrong with plain ole numbers, as you can still jazz these up.

Now that you have your idea in mind, locked and loaded let Flutterbeeze create these for you.

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