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Wedding Invitation Wording

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

When it comes to adding details to your wedding invitations it can be a minefield. What information do we need? How much is too much? Do you need a separate information sheet ? What RSVP details do we need to ask?

Whether you are choosing something traditional, modern or something a little bit of fun, I can help you design your perfect stationery. Below is a handy list of what you need to include on your invitations and some things that could be useful to your guests. If you still have any other questions please contact me.

Names - You can either use your full names (in whichever order you like), or if you are known by a nickname why not use these instead, making it all the more personable when your guests open them.

Date - It may be handy to give your guests the day as well as the date, for those among your guests who are shift workers this makes it easier for them to work out their availability and whether they need to book off the day after as well.

Time - You may choose to just include the time of your ceremony, or for those guests who are inevitably going to be late, ask for an arrival time around half an hour ahead of the ceremony time. This should help to ensure that your guests are all seated and ready for you.

Venue - Be sure to list the venue's address along with the venue's name and if you are having more than one venue, list them in order.

RSVP Date - Set a date you want your replies back by, ideally 6 weeks before your big day. This gives you time to chase up any who haven't (it's usually the ones who just assume you know they will be coming, such as family or close friends) and then give you time to inform your venue / caterer numbers and dietary requirements. They usually want this information around 4 weeks ahead of the day.

RSVP Method - The means by which your guests can reply; a card to post back (be sure to put your address on the envelopes or order address stickers). A mobile number they can cal or text, or set up a new email that you both have access too. One that is separate from day to day emails, so it doesn't get lost amongst the spam. Or even a wedding website that can capture all the data you require.

RSVP Details - Be clear what you need to know from your guests, whether that just be their attendance, or if they require travel, accommodation, special dietary needs, a song request and their menu choices. For a more in-depth look into RSVP check out my blog post here.

Transport - If you are putting on transport, state clear pick up points and times and drop off points and times, this will help guests make arrangements around these. If seats are limited, state this on your invitations.

Map - If your venue can be a little tricky to find, or you have a lot of guests coming from out of the area, a map can be a really handy tool, to show your guests the way. Add landmarks or points or reference that they can use on the day to find they way.

Accommodation - Some venues offer onsite rooms at a discounted price for a select period of time, before opening them up to the public. If your venue is doing this, let your guests know so that they have the opportunity to book in and get the special offer price.

Menu - List your full menu on an information card or on the invite and add the abbreviated choices to your RSVP card. Or if you are having a set menu on the day your guests may only need to let you know their preference such as the meat or vegetarian or vegan option. This could be done with a simple icon detail on your RSVP.

Gifts - If you have a gift list be sure to list the website or shop the list is with and any associated passwords. Or if you would prefer a monetary donation towards a honeymoon or a donation to chosen charity, this can be requested politely with a small poem or polite sentence.

Cash Bar - If you are having a cash only bar and with contactless payment being such a preference these days, it's best to let your guests know to bring cash along with them.

Children - Are you having a wedding nanny who can help keep the children entertained, let your guests know so that they can give suggestions for activities their children like. Or if you are having a child free wedding day, your guests will need to know in advance to make childcare arrangements.

Order of the Day - Let you guests know what to expect and at what time of day, this helps those who may need to take their medications at certain times or for feeding or changing children. Make it fun and use icons to match each timing.

Local Taxi's - If you are not putting on any transport and there are no rooms available, why not add a list of local taxi companies, so that guests can pre-arrange their transport home.

Saying / Quote - The back of folded invitations is a great place to add a little fun element to your stationery, something that is relevant to yourselves as a couple or something simply just for fun, to get a reaction from your guests or leave them with an affirmation.

Once you know how much information you need to give to your guests you can then choose which style would be suitable. If you are unsure you can contact me, or take a look at through the real weddings or ready to go galleries.

Remember stationery is the first glimpse your guests will get of your wedding so be sure to make it count.

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